Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kelly Wearstler is my guru

This isn't exactly breaking news.  The article came out last fall, but I can't stop looking at this room.  It's Cameron Diaz's living room in Manhattan designed by Kelly Wearstler.  I love how 70's it is and i t reminds me of Amy Adam's Apartment in "American Hustle" a little bit (just this one room).  I feel like this is what her apartment would evolve into years later when she could afford that swank chandelier and trade up a few pieces in her living room for something a little more collected. This is definitely giving me major inspiration for my living room area.  

I love all the different styles mixed together: the roll arm chair with the boxy sofa with the wacky little footstools and the long low coffee table.  I'm crazy about the colors too.  I really like the peachy pink, with tan and beige and yellow.  It sounds totally "Golden Girls" but it comes off really sophisticated and modern. 

This room inspired me to buy the vintage Drexel Contemporary armchair and ottoman that I had been lusting over for a few months.  It reminds me a little bit of the peach chair on the right above...loosely.  


yes? no? ...maybe?

 I also got some swivel chairs on ebay that will replace the yellow armchairs that are there currently.  Here is a snapshot from the listing:



I really hope I love them.  This could go very right or very wrong and since the upholstery is in great shape I really don't want to recover them if they clash.  The thing that sold me on these was the bases swivel and tilt and are made of beautiful teak wood.  Stay tuned for better pics!  

I'm still on the hunt for a more proportional coffee table and a bigger rug...and some art.  

Oh yea... and some curtains to replace the sad blanket hanging in my window.  How shameful is that?!

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