Saturday, June 15, 2013

My first Ikea hack

And I couldn't be more excited!  These are $40 simple twin beds from ikea 
That I hacked and turned into these cuties!

My inspiration bed was this one from Land of Nod:

So cute! But so pricey...
I knew I could do something similar for a lot less money so I started researching on line.  Ultimately I got the idea from Manhattan Nest to use the Fjellse frame as a base.  I studied his tutorial and made a few minor changes.  One of which is I used a patterned fabric.  I don't really recommend this and will probably not be doing that when I tackle my own bed.  Matching patterns on the edges and corners and keeping the print level can be a challenge for a first project.  However, it does look cute so if you do go with a print, make sure to buy a bit of extra fabric just to be safe.  So here is how it all went down:

I bought a piece of plywood at Home Depot and had them cut it so that it was as wide as the heaboard but taller and screwed it into the front of the frame.  My goal was to have the top of the headboard be 44" (that is about a foot taller than the frame is originally).

Then I used scrap wood to frame out the sides and top so that it was all the same thickness all the way around the side of the headboard.

I cut off the part of the footboard that was higher than the rails to give the whole base of the beds a smooth edge

Then I wrapped batting around the rails and the headboard and stapled it into place with an electric staple gun.  Best $25 I ever spent.  I wouldnt try this with a manual staple gun.  As it was, my hands were sore.

I used 2 layers of batting on the rails.

And 3 layers on the headboard.  

I got 2 different bags of batting at Jo-Ann fabric with a coupon (I think one was king sized and the other was a queen and one was beefier than the other) and used the heavier one for the headboard and the lighter one on the rails.

After the batting I started on the fabric for the headboard and tried to line it up so the pattern was centered and level.  This took a couple of attempts and I had to un-staple and adjust it a few times before it looked decent (this is why you might want to consider using a solid fabric)

Also I stapled the top center and the bottom center and worked outwards from both sides.  Then I worked on the sides using the same system.  I stapled the centers and worked up to the top and then down to the base.  To do the corners I folded the fabric like I was wrapping a present and once I had a clean straight line stapled it down in the back.  The back of the headboard is unfinished with about 2 inches of fabric along the sides and I'm okay with that since it will be against the wall.  I think it would be super cute with a contrast fabric in the back at some point like hot pink and to do that I would cut a piece of thin board, wrap it in the fabric glue it down and either use nailheads to attach to the back or staple and add piping to disguise the staples... but that is a project for another day.

Anyway,  on to the rails.  Match the pattern so that it is continuous and matches all the way around the railing.  This is where the extra fabric comes in because there will be some waste.   I stapled the sides first then did the front in a separate piece folding in the edges so that there was a clean seam next to both legs.

And voila!  

Super cute little beds for my guests!  

The best part is it only cost me about $275 for both of them!


  1. I am curious why when people do these blog post they never post how much fabric or dimensions of plywood.

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