Saturday, June 29, 2013

Outside a da haus

 Ok here we are before any painting and scraping. The stucco is a mauvy pink (it looks peach in this light) and the trim is terra cotta colored.  I think it would look so much more modern in white with a dark brown trim. 

Can we talk about how much I LOVE these windows and that beam that goes straight into the house?  I can't wait for the beam to be all one color inside and out.  It's going to look so great.
To start off this project I got as many ladders as I could find.  Seriously,  why are there 3 ladders here? I look like a crazy ladder hoarder.
Actually the only ladder in this photo that is mine is the dainty white one.  

How cute of me to think that would serve all my home painting and renovating needs!

  Luckily I moved in next to the greatest neighbors ever and they help me with my crazy projects and lend me ladders. In fact this place would still look exactly like this if it wasn't for the help of my handy neighbor Bill.  He managed to patch the stucco near the ground, spray wash the whole house and sand the trim down to its wood while I patched holes and spackled stucco and scraped peeling paint from under the eaves.

Scraping sucks. So so so much.  It feels like it will never end.
I almost lost my mind there for a minute and decided to give up.  Turns out I  was just hangry and tired so I made this, regrouped and got back to something so much more fun!...painting!
Look at that gorgeous "Swiss Coffee"?!  All of the sudden the frumpy little bungalow is starting to look like a pretty mid century modern.   So exciting!  Jiggity Jig!

Next weekend:  I will paint the trim "Weathered Brown" 

pretty right? 

yay more painting...

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