Wednesday, March 5, 2014

American Hustle dreamz

Have you guys seen "American Hustle"?  From a costumes and set design perspective it was my  favorite movie of the year.  I loved it! 

Sydney's apartment, in particular, was so amazing.  I love all the yellow details like the pegboard in the kitchen.  Pegboard in the kitchen always reminds me of Julia Child's kitchen on The French Chef

 The parquet floors and grass cloth walls are super cool too.  I've been thinking of adding some grass cloth as a cover for the mirrored closet doors or as an accent wall in the master bedroom and this is really convincing me.

I wish I could find a picture that shows more of the dining room.  She has black framed Breuer chairs and a white parsons table.  It's the ultimate 70's dining area with the great art and a Persian rug. 

The chairs though!  Man, I love these chairs! 


The living area is pretty great too with all of the potted plants and the deco brass coffee table.   It looks great in the movie with the "daylight" coming in the huge windows with the sheer curtains.

This bedroom, though, is the most flawless room in the whole apartment and possibly the whole movie!  I mean, yellow with off white?  Upholstered walls?  With a matching upholstered headboard? 

It's totally over the top and it's incredibly simple at the same time. I am obsessed.  

As Liz Lemon would say: "I want to go to there".  

Isn't this room just bananas?

 Poor sad Sydney in the sunny yellow room :(

Wait a minute! Doesn't that bag to the left look like a smiley face?  Or am i tripping?


  1. YES to this apartment! I just watched the movie for the second time, and I kept pausing it during all the scenes shot there, displeasing my man immensely. Side note, have you seen Her yet? Amy Adams' character's apartment is absolutely amazing in that movie too. She gets all the best set design!

  2. Ooh, awesome! I will definitely check "Her" out. Thank you for the tip and for stopping by to visit my blog!