Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bar stool update

Remember this guy? So curvy, shiney and shapely, but with the most boring uphostry....Well he's got a fancy new fur coat now.  Faux mongolian lamb!  

Yeah, fur is kind of crazy for a bar stool in a kitchen, but it's so fun and it'll be easy to recover when it gets dirty.   Although I will kill anyone that spills on these guys :)

Here's a glamour shot!  

Boom!  I like the way it ties the wall unit in with the kitchen. 

side note:  I will always figure out a way to justify a purchase of brass furniture.

Look how cute they are in their home at the bar? Just LUSHous!  I have really been enjoying them and they are holdingup surprisingly well.

So, in conclusion, as nutty as it is to cover a chair in faux fur, I will say there are some major positive aspects:

Working with faux fur is actually very forgiving.  There are no matching patterns or stripes to deal with and the density hides staples really nicely.  Therefore, a project like this takes very little time.  These chairs only took me about 10 minutes each!  I love that.  

 sidenote: I will always justify the use of faux fur

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