Saturday, May 4, 2013

real furniture!

Ok, for the first 6 weeks of owning this place I slept on an air mattress that lost most of its air during the night so I would wake up on the concrete with a pouf of air on both sides of me.  So not comfortable.

And then there was also this:

 That is my covered patio that is hanging by a nail (we will discuss this later I am sure.  How much does it cost to build a new patio? Should I get a retractible awning?)

And under it are all of my appliances (which I am very excited about. Dishwasher!)  But they are doing me no good since they are not plugged in or in the kitchen.

No frosty beverages after a long day of scraping popcorn for me.  Life is hard in the life of a new homeowner :)

Anyway, that is why I am so excited to finally have some real furniture.  
Well, pretty real....a mattress and boxspring covered with a hippie tarp from Urban Outfitters in the master

And in the living room: A serious thrift shop score. My 10 foot yellow velvet sofa that cost only $125 and is so supremely comfortable and beautiful.  Also thrifted is the brass and travertine coffee table.  The rattan egg chair is a craigslist find from years ago and I'm not sure it's working here?

Walter is standing in for the future flokati that will be in front of the sofa.

 Vintage Drexel dining table and buffet found on craigslist.

Alternate furniture placement idea courtesy of my brother in law.   I like it.  It creates a more separate living room area in front of the fireplace and then leaves a little reading nook to the side.

I still need a whole lot more stuff.  I'm thinking swivel chairs in the living room would look great and a brass open shelf would be nice in the "library".

 And finally the twin guest mattresses.  I have big plans for an Ikea hack for these beds....stay tuned!