Friday, November 1, 2013

Upholstered Bed Frame Part 2

 For a while I lived with the half finished frame.  I draped some fabric over the bare wood headboard and thought about fabric and tufting and how I was going to upholster the thing....Basically I just procrastinated and went shopping for other pieces for the room.

Good thing I did.  I totally scored on 2 $10 nightstands from a thrift store and repainted them in gloss white and then ... I found these incredible vintage sconces at Consign Design in Palm Desert.  But, once I hung them up, I knew that the headboard dimensions were off.  It was starting to  look a little dinky.  I need to bring it up at least 5 or 6 inches.

So I removed the headboard from the back of the base and stapled a layer of batting over the side rails and legs.  I built up any areas where there were gaps between the wood or where the legs were set slightly behind the frame to get a smooth, even surface for the fabric to lie against.  Naturally I forgot to take pictures of that step.  Oops!  You can kind of get the idea from below where I am measuring how long the 3 pieces of fabric need to be to cover the sides and foot.

Next, I cut 3 strips of fabric 16" wide by 86" long.  I wanted the seam to be at the corner of the legs so I sewed the left side to the back piece.  Then , I held it up to the side and back and marked where the right corner seam should go.  Then trimmed off the excess from the back piece and sewed that to the right side piece.  Once it was all sewn I stapled the back first then the 2 sides.  I tucked the fabric under the legs and then glued some felt pieces under the feet so the staples wouldn't scratch the floor.

I think it's looking pretty bad ass so far! 


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