Monday, November 11, 2013

Stalking Craigslist

 Ever since I saw this brass shelf I have been obsessed with finding my own.  

  It's just so glamorous and versatile and I knew it would be perfect for the tall wall in the living room

So I found it on Craigslist for $40 !!!!!!!!!!!!! And I went a little bonkers.  I think I scared the seller with my over zealousness and maybe a couple of smiley face emoticons....and she flagged me as a scam.  I was crushed and honestly a bit insulted.  :( 

I wouldn't relent though.  I had a co-worker inquire about it and, once he got the seller's contact information he said his "wife" would contact them and arrange for the pick up.  I was in!

I wasted no time and immediately got in my car drove an hour and a half in rush hour traffic to pick it up and the sellers could not have been more lovely We laughed about the whole "flagging me as a scam" nonsense.  
Ahh Craigslist...

They were so nice they even helped me tie it to my car. 

And voila!  Curvy, shiny, beauty!  

 It's the perfect thing for that awkward corner.

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